March 11, 2009

Video about Quinta do Paraiso

Quinta do Paraiso is holiday resort in the small Village of Carvoeiro.
Is situated about 5 minutes walk from the beach of Praia do Carvoeiro, scattered on a large area in the midst of well kept gardens with fig, almond and olive trees and tropical plants.

The resort offers various types of accommodation and a restaurant and bars.
There are several sports & entertainment facilities on the resort and an animation team.
And as I told you already in an earlier post, it´s a great place to spend your vacations.

Video about Carvoeiro

Well due to my blog, you know already Carvoeiro. Here you can watch the little fishing village in a movie.. so lean back, enjoy the Carvoeiro specific music and start dreaming about the Algarve.. :D

November 20, 2008

November Sunset

Praia do Carvoeiro is very beautiful in any period of the year, this I realized when I went there again this year, for 6 days in November. As I expected a cold and grey atmosphere I was very surprised spending beautiful and warm days with beautiful sunsets like this...

November 11, 2008

The history of Carvoeiro

On I found some very nice and old pictures about Carvoeiro in 1936.

This picturesque fishing village, with a long history of settlement, has grown over the last decades into the main tourist area of the concelho. It has a number of fine beaches protected by clifts.

There are traces of Roman habitation and naval activity in the area. There has also been a long history of pirate and enemy military assaults on the coast, and a number of naval battles here, most notably the battle in 1544 between a squadron of ships under D. Petro da Cunha, and the Turkish corsair, Xarramet.

According to historical sources, the name of the village derives from “Caboiere,” an old name for a hamlet of fishermen from the Islamic-medieval period. For most of its history, fishing was the mainstay of the local economy.

However, from the 1960s onward, tourism gradually became the economic base of the area, with many new hotels, apartment complexes, shops, roads, and a significant improvement in the infrastructure.

Webcam - Praia do Carvoeiro

Can you not be in Carvoeiro right now, but are you still wondering what is going on at the Praia do Carvoeiro or you simply want to see the live weather in the little fisher village. Then you should frequently have a look at the Carvoeiro Webcam.

The Webcam in the Palacio do Cone Ice-Cream shop is uploading a picture every minute 24 hours a day. Enjoy!

November 03, 2008

Shocking: German Couple Dead

A GERMAN resident was found dead in his ex-wife’s swimming pool in Carvoeiro on Monday morning after allegedly having attacked her with a knife.

Birgit Peinoff, 46, was stabbed in her left side several times at her villa by her ex-husband Peter Peinoff, who was 53. A spokesman from Barlavento hospital told The Resident: “The woman suffered a pneumothorax but is out of danger and recovering in the surgery wing.”

The spokesman also confirmed that Peter Peinoff was found dead in the swimming pool and is now in the hospital’s morgue. According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã, Peter Peinoff stabbed Birgit while drunk, before drowning in the villa’s swimming pool.

The GNR said they were unable to divulge any information surrounding the incident but it has been reported in Correio da Manhã that Peter and Birgit Peinoff had marital problems caused by his drinking and violence, which he had allegedly received treatment for in the past.

Tyres slashed
A resident who knew the couple, but asked not to be named, told The Resident: “I did not hear of any conflicts between the couple. They have lived in the Algarve for several years and owned a butchers’ in Lagoa called Quinta das Salsichas.” The tyres of Birgit’s Mercedes, that had been in the garage, had also all been slashed. A GNR spokesman told The Resident: “The car tyres could have been knifed by the man to stop his ex-wife from escaping.” According to Correio da Manhã, there were no witnesses because the houses and villas which neighbour Birgit’s property were all empty at the time this incident occurred. A spokesman for the PJ told The Resident: “The Polícia Judiciária is investigating the case, but we cannot reveal any further details.”

At the time The Resident went to press, the German embassy had not been alerted to the incident, and was therefore not offering assistance.

October 31, 2008

Quinta do Paraiso

Quinta do Paraiso is the resort I used to for in for several times as an Animateur. And even after this animation time I often spend my holidays in this place. So what I want to do here, is to recommend this hotel.

Quinta do Paraiso is a family holiday resort in Carvoeiro, one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the heart of the Algarve, on the southern coast of Portugal.

Built in typical Moorish style, Quinta do Paraiso is situated on a platform about 1 km from the beach of Praia do Carvoeiro, scattered on a large area of 300'000m2 in the midst of well kept gardens with fig, almond and olive trees and an abundance of tropical plants.

In a 5 minutes walk you can reach the picturesque fishing village of Carvoeiro. The resort offers various types of accommodation and a variety of restaurants and bars. There are several sports & entertainment facilities on the resort and an animation team will keep you and/or your children amused and happy.

For all of you that would like to see more of this hotel should watch this video:

October 29, 2008

Boneca Bar

The well-known attraction "Algar Seco" is not only a place to discover the holes and the sculptures in the rocks, but also to spend a wonderful evening and having dinner in the Boneca Bar.

The food is very delicious and especially the fish and meat dishes I can really recommend. As you can see on the last picture did we have quite some fun eating Gambas in Boneca Bar! This was thanks to its great and funny team!

plebsTV - Algarve Guide

Since a few month we are very proud to call Paulo Jesus our plebsTV correspondent from the Algarve. For our community he documents the Algarve in videos and collects them in his own channel called Algarve Guide.

For everyone that wants to see the beauty of the Algarve and some of its special and secret places should click on this link:

You will then see the Algarve Guide channel and simply click on "Open Channel". All videos will now be shown on the map and in the film stripe. You can individually choose the video you would like to see or you simply click on "Play" and one video after the other will be played :)

In this sense: Lean back and enjoy!!

Restaurante Jardim do Farol

As I introduced you already to my favorite place "Carvoeiro", I will of course name you also the best place in Carvoeiro to have dinner: Restaurante Jardim do Farol is the name of this traditional and very familiar place. The food and especially the fresh seafood is delicious and just excellent. Furthermore the whole team is just great. It's a family owned restaurant.. you will love this people :)

The restaurant does not have a website, so if you want to know more you can of course ask me or just go there and try it out on your own :)

Address: Estrada do Farol - ALFANZINA

Tel.: +351 282 081 406

*** Um Local Familiar e de Bom Gosto ***